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student loans

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Hi my name is sara and I am a single mother of 3 doing everything on my own. I dont have a mother or father and I dont have family. I work hard but still seem to fall short in being able to provide for my children. I am also a student.I need info about resorces that can help us get beds,clothes AND MAYBE HELP PAY MY HIGH LIGHT BILL that has grown due to the increasing heat this summer,thanks

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hello i made a mistake it is CCNA not CDME OR CDMA.....

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i am a Nigerian student who finished high school two years back....ever since then i have no being able to get into the university because of my financial incapability..but there is an ongoing programme in Nigeria now for people who want to study "CCNA" and "A+"...the duration is two months each so both will last for four months..after you have finished you become CISCO CERTIFIED....the programme costs approximately $950 for the A+ only which i want to run first...that will cover all expenses like exam fees,tuition fees,cost of mobility,project fee and stuffs like that....i wouldn't want this opportunity to pass me by so i need someone or an organization that can lend me the amount stated above....i got the information late that is why i am posting this message late and also i am new here....the CCNA course will be starting in two weeks time while the A+ programme will be starting on the 28th of May which is this i need the money urgently so as to register early for the programme before the forms are sold out....i promise to pay back the moment i am through with the programme and i get a job....

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Hi everyone - let me share the little bit I understand about getting money for education. Have you tried to apply for a PELL grant? These are loans that you do not have to pay back. I didn't find out about them until last year! They are based on both income and need, with income being the first basis. Not sure what the guidelines are, but it is a federal program. You'll have to fill out a FAFSA form (, which is also free. You'll need the most current tax return information, and an idea of what college or univ you want to attend. Just fill it out and see what you can possibly qualify for. On the teachers loans - we are just now looking into those as well. Check with your state - they vary by state, and often, what the program is, is a "forgiveness" of loan debt if you agree to teach for a certain number of months or yrs. It is all worth checking on. There is no age limit on the FAFSA. I am 48, and returned to school last semester to try to complete my degree. I never knew I could! Check it out, and I hope it helps someone.

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Hello my name is Sheila and I have been out of college for several years. I have a BS in education and have been working almost four years as a case worker for persons w/ disabilities. I remember when I was in school something was mentioned about if I would teach for three years the government would pay for part of my student loan. Is this true and am I still eligable if I am not teaching but working in the humanities feild? What do I have to do to get this assistance? Thanks sheila

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Bad Credit

With the Bad Credit Market becoming more and more competitive with each passing day, the potential customer should have little problem finding very competitive rates and fees. Its just a matter or knowing your credit score and shopping around.
Bad Credit

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Hello, In the next section, there is a link to a page with many resources about educational grants and loans. Please have a look at them. Hope this helps.

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Grants and Loans for College
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